The truth. The whole truth.. And nothing but the truth…

I recently found out about all the disgustingness this summer 2014. Although the scandalous ways first happened at the end of 2010. Stopped the year of 2011. Then in 2012 the all out affair occurred. Now, I am trying to repair the damage that has been done to my family, my marriage,.. my whole life.

Over the past 5-6 months (since I really, actually discovered my husbands affair) I have done a lot of google-ing and read a ton of other betrayal stories which have been helpful for me through this rough time in my life. For some reason, reading peoples similar stories made me feel not so alone and in many ways they were/are encouraging because I am trying to stay in my relationship and it is nice to read that other woman don’t just give up on the marriage because of infidelity either.  So, I decided since others stories have helped me so much, if sharing my story enlightens some others situation, then shoot, sharing my personal experience would be a success. Not to mention, writing down what I am going through and how I am feeling is therapeutic.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

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  1. Just read your blogs, its strange seeing it from the perspective of someone that stayed with their husband it seems a lot harder in a way, although i’ve had a nightmare of a time and missed my ex like crazy at times I can’t imagine being faced with the person that hurt me everyday, you’re really strong, keep fighting the fight xx


    • Thank you. ..Not sure if I would consider me strong or weak – either way, I am trying. Trying to understand where we went wrong in our marriage, and trying to create a new, stronger, better one. Wishful thinking – maybe – but all I can do is try. If his cheating would have been still on going by the time I found out, I may have not been so quick to try, but he hadn’t effed the scab since the end of 2012 and I didn’t find out till June-ish of 2014. If my marriage fails, at least I can go on with my life and know I tried my hardest…

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      • I think that’s why I’m trying harder to stay together – because he had ended it on his own before I found out. Obviously I don’t know what I would have done if I had found out while it was happening, but this has been the thing I tell myself when it gets hard – he came to his senses before I knew. I’m not sure if it hurts any less, because it still crushed my heart. But we just do the best we can and try to get through it.
        But honestly, these blogs became my bright spot – gave me that I wasn’t some stupid girl blindly believing her lying husband – and I started writing just the other day. I have a new appreciation for those whose stories I read – even writing anonymously is painful.
        I’m so sorry you have a story to share, but I am glad you are strong enough to share it. Thank you. xx

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  2. I found out right in the middle of the shitstorm of my husband’s affair. I stayed in his face crying, screaming, making him see me. Looking at what he was doing to us, all of us. I lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks. He looked like hell as well. It got seriously nasty at times between us. He came home every night reluctantly I suppose since he had no where to go ( his mom lives 15 min from us mind you). He was even trying to have sex with me right after I found out. Once I was std cleared I just wanted that closeness with him, to make him really see me and forget her. Enter hysterical bonding…. Then he ended it. Saw what he was doing to us and our girls. I wish my husband would’ve come to his senses and broke it off before I found out, but it is what it is. Thank you for sharing your story…

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  3. Just read an older post of yours on peace- you write really well. All of my own craziness started August 1, 2014. I blogged pretty consistently for a year (www.goblueblog.com). Initially i wished M would want to save our famiy, but 4 months later he took his own life. Blogging and realizing that I wasnt alone was some of the best medicine out there. Keep writing and thank you for being transparent.

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    • Thank you! …I have been reading your blog (when you write) for quite some time. “goblue” is what first attracted me to your site, beings as I am from Michigan and rep the blue and yellow but then as I read, we had much in common. Way happy to hear you are doing so well!!


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