Boy Bye!

Something out of the norm happened yesterday afternoon, which brings me here today…

Its been over 3 years since the discovery of my husband having an affair.

Yes, we are still together. I have stood by his side through thick and thin. We are way passed the trauma of it all, yet, dont get me wrong, I have some ill-feelings towards it all that I dont think will ever go away, its something I continue to work on. I just dont let it eat me alive anymore. As for my husband, I really think he doesnt go there in his mind at all, like, lets not ever bring it up.

Anyhow, we truly are in a happy place. I am even expecting another child with this man. Yup, we are having our third baby – coming February 2018.

So, to get to the point. Yesterday, on my way home from work, I ran into Crusty (the chump who joined in with his scuzzy slut and they would all have threesomes with my husband). In all fairness, the couple times they did it all together he thought that was all that was going on, was him, her and my husband doing their disgustingness. So when I pointed out that she was also continuing an affair with my husband behind his back as well, it was new news to him in a sense. Anyways, I have not ran into Crusty since I found all this trash out in 2014. So yesterday,  he saw me at the gas station. He smiled and said whats up. HUH??? Like wtf? Like we cool….um….did I miss something??!!!! I have imagined if I ran into him all the ratchet shit I would spit at him. It didnt go down like that tho. I just looked at him with a cricked, disgusted half smile and raised my eye brows.. He put his head down as if kinda ashamed of my response. …Keep it moving!

After, I hollered at a couple of my friends who know of the affair and let it be known I had just ran into him and that he had the audacity to act as tho we was cool. I got two completely different responses. One was like ” wtf! Why would he think he could even try and approach you as if you were all good” and the other said “well, you have stood by your husbands side. Its time you get over it and maybe be friendly back”.

….I get that I dont need to cause a scene and go all ratchet on his ass anymore but be friendly…oh hell naw! And altho his whore was betraying him as well, he also played a huge part in it by joining them. The pain they all caused to my world will never be forgotten. Yes, I have stuck by my husbands side. He was worth it to me to try and fix his wrong doings.  Crusty and Scuz will never get a second chance with my friendship. They are irrelevant, non-mother fucking factors to my life and just because it has been years since all that shit doesnt mean my feelings towards them have changed what so ever!!

“If I see you and I dont speak, that means I dont fuck with you” 100!!!

10 thoughts on “Boy Bye!

  1. Some people belong in the past. Even if we have moved on, chosen forgiveness, that doesn’t mean we have to take them along with us as friends or any part of our present life. It is usually better that way.

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  2. That is amazing to hear that you 2 stayed together and expecting your 3rd child. I went through this last year, but it was me who almost went down that road of destruction with another man. The only thing was i was being manipulated and assaulted and not taking a stand against it. It was very crazy, but before it went to far i got my husband involved. The guy wouldn’t quit pushing trying to get me to sleep with him even agree i told him no and to not touch me, though he continued to do it anyway. My blog explains the details better…. Anyway, my husband rescued me from this manipulative, brainwashing sexual assaulter that i was stupidly starting to fall for. Through it all it saved our marriage, that was on very slippery rocks, and we ended up having our 3rd child this year. We have never been so happy. If i ever see the man again.. I really don’t know how i will handle it. Im trying to forgive him. I take responsibility for not keeping my mind strong and pushing him away when i should have, but I’m thankful i didn’t give fully into him and let him destroy my marriage.


    • …it is amazing. When the disclosure of my husband sleeping with my so called “friend” became apparent, I was so hurt. I would only wish that type of pain on very few. I didnt think it was even possible to go on with my man. If I really sit and dig up the past of what he did, I still am even shocked we are where we are – now. So, I dont. I just dont sit and think about it – I know what was done – is done. So I focus on the present. I mean, of course it will always be but he is no longer that piece of shit. Not even close. We are happy and moving on 🙂 Glad you and your husband could do the same. Onwards and upwards!!


    • well…kinda…he or they – ran a train on her. Like he didnt physically touch the other male. She sucked one of them off while the other penetrated her. EW! Still some sick shit tho right!!?


      • messy for sure! ..and the other male was her boyfriend/baby daddy. He was ok with it – he knew she cheated on him before so he actually encouraged it cuz he thought if he knew about it and was involved that she wouldnt do it behind his back. Of course, she is just a slut – still did it behind his back as well – thats what he gets.


  3. Its difficult to maintain dignity… damn, so many times I ran into the skuckface over and over again and had to maintain composure because of my job. I fantasized about slow torture, hard throat punches and just plain ol spitting on disgusting self. Wasted head space. It makes me smile fantasizing about it though. Good on you for keeping grip on your grace and dignity; kindness is best served to yourself first and frankly, how you responded was gracious and polite for the circumstances. Those moments when we are faced with the turmoil of how do we react when approached usually differs greatly than in our minds – as the betrayed i believe we feel it is much easier to place ourselves on the higher ground than we give our selves credit for. You’re a strong soul. I know this was years ago but I want you to know, this made me smile as I imagine it and myself in your shoes. 💗


  4. actually, not sure if you have read the post where I blasted the whore in the face with a big gulp soda pop lol so I have not always held my composure lol but let me tell you, I dont take my actions back, not for one second am I sorry for doing that to her 😀 And honestly, I dont know how you do it?! I would have had to at least, one time, if I ran into her on several occasions, done something. Whether it was physically or vocally – I just would not have been able to help myself. At this point tho, its been 5 years – if I ran into the boyfriend or the girlfriend, I think I am strong enough and so much better than either one of them that I would not show any type of reaction. Sure is easy to write tho, my actions may prove me different idk.


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