Blast Off??

You can search anyone now and days and pretty much find some-sort of info on an individual. Shoot – I even have a nice lil mug-shot online after blasting the scuzzy homewrecking whore with a soda. LOL snicker- snort 😀

…I cant help but wonder tho…

Should I??

Should I put the scuzz bucket on

People should know right? People should know that this slut has no morals, shes missing integrity. That she will make you feel sorry for her and her kids.  Will tell you how much she is your best friend and how much she is there for you…as she is sucking your husbands dick and trying to be you. Jealous much? ;P  She reeks of deceit and alcohol induced b.o.  She filters and edits her pics to make her look like something that she really isn’t. – then sends them to anyone and everyone who will give her attention.  Its like – here is a piece of shit, lets spray it with some perfume- might smell a touch better, but ..still shit…right 😛

The trash recently had the bar she works at raise money for her car window that was broken (I told you a couple posts back that she drives a real hunk-of-junk – fits right for a junky person tho). Anyways – People actually donated to the cause but would they have if they REALLY knew what they were donating to??

This is a low life who not only sleeps with married men but who has made a life-style out of getting assistance from the state. Who drinks and drugs every weekend. When she couldn’t get enough cash together, she would sell her foodstamps for a bottle or a bag. But the pitiful bitch cant fix her car window cuz she is too broke…? …

Should I inform people and put the worthless bitch on blast or should I just sit back and smile as she gets treated like the sad charity case that she is?….

Either way – I kinda get the last laugh…





45 thoughts on “Blast Off??

  1. I fell your pain as I’m living through a similar situation. You can read my story in the link. As to your question of whether or not to put her on blast – I say hoes like this seem to have a desperate need to be “seen” so give her a platform for the world to see.

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    • I read your linked page to shesahomewrecker… that’s whats up!! Just cuz she has “ins” with celebrities doesn’t make her anything special – at the end of the day, she is just another thot!!


      • Old post, I know. I say put her ass on that site. PUT HER ON THAT SITE! Then, deny deny deny that it was you. She can’t do jack about it. I know, I lived through the accusation in court. Use a pic of her that is in the public domain. If you can see a pic of her on Facbook, Twitter, Instragram its in the public domain.

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      • I want to. I havent tho. I have a bunch of pictures of her – ones I took. We used to kick it all the time – the sick bitch was at my baby shower, was at the hospital when my baby was born, I donated to her family cuz I would see that her 5 kids would totally go without while she was being a sloppy drunk, shoot, her kids called me Aunt T. Ew – she is a nasty, trashy scuz-bucket! But why would I need to deny it? I only speak the truth, even if I put her on there, there really isnt shit she could do about it cuz I aint lying – so it isnt slandering, ya know. You say you lived through it…dooo tell 😀

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    • I should clarify, deny it in court. There is no slander case at all. No attorney would take it because of intellectual property laws and such, and the biggest of all is there is no proof that it was actually you who put her on the site. The actual site will not give up the goods. To be honest after further reading they may be in on it with a group of lawyers that will get you off the site for a low sum of $5000. LOL! And then that doesn’t prevent someone from putting her back on the site after she forks over the cash.
      One judge told us unless she has video of me writing out the entry for the site and posting it on the site then there is no way to prove who actually put her on the site. Even then, one could argue the video was doctored. I was taken to court for a restraining order by the whore. She claimed that being put on that site put her in danger, that someone could find her because her name and location is listed on the site. The first judge entertained her tale of woe. I cant say if he would’ve granted her restraining order or not. We ran out of time and it had to be rescheduled. The second time she resubmitted the restraining order request we got a different judge. That judge was not hearing it. NOT HEARING IT! I thought he was going to throw a shoe at her. Honestly. He cited so many laws and encouraged me to object every time something came out of her mouth. She had the nerve to use the court’s victim’s advocate too. Because maybe she read the same article that I read that suggested that judges are more sympathetic when you show up with a victim’s advocate. Of course victim advocate are needed for real for real when someone is you know, an actual victim, like a wife getting her ass beat and a husband threatening to murder her as soon as he can. But to use a victim’s advocate for a fraudulent claim of stalking is insane. Anyway, I would deny it in court because who needs a restraining order against them. For me, I didn’t need that to come up on the radar while I was job hunting (if it does come up on the radar). Also, once a person gets a restraining order they can call the police whenever they want with a lie and the police will arrest you. So it’s best to avoid having a restraining order against you. To be honest, I don’t think most states would’ve even entertained her application. When the courts are cautious they will grant you a 14 day temporary restraining until the day of court. She didn’t even get that. They gave her a hearing. But, I suspect by law that is the minimum that they have to do. So it was a bloody inconvenience. However, I was entertained while I was waiting because there were so many dramas that went before us, mostly neighbors complaining about each other.
      If I had put her on that site, I would’ve taken my time and wrote a nice long commentary in the third person roasted that ho like there is no tomorrow. Never mind though, her ass is up there. Periodically I google her name and that is the top google search that comes up.

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      • Ha! Hell yes!! She sounds like a mess! Sux you even had to deal with any of the bullshit but glad you were able to walk away with a smile on your face!! Thanks for going into detail, I appreciate that and honestly, I may just have to put her on the site. I have been contemplating for a while. We live in a small town and people should seriously know how trashy of a person she is. I am not saying she is trash just cuz she got my husband to engage in such disgusting behavior with her – he is every bit to blame as she is but she literally leaves her 5 kids in a room as she is getting double penetrated by her boyfriend and her boyfriends friends. Also, she lives off the state and sells her food stamps for any and everything. When people try and help, cuz that is what good people try and do, help the less fortunate, they have no idea that they live like trash because that is exactly what they are.

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      • I understand when people say “take the high road,” the “Moral high ground,” but that only works when it works. If I was guilt ridden I wouldn’t do some of the things that I did. Before I broke up a lot of his shit and denied ever seeing it in the house, I asked myself: “Will breaking this shit up make me feel better now, or worse in the long run? Well, feeling better now won. Because I need something. My mother suggested I get the doctor to give me some anti-anxiety drugs. i didn’t want to go that route. And I don’t drink and didn’t want to start. I need an outlet. Tearing up his shit got me through the worst parts. Mentally, it’s just a waiting game now. But before, when I was one ball of emotions about to explode, I need an outlet and I didn’t want to do anything like fuck with him or his people. They would’ve loved that. To this day none of them can say I’ve called them, begged them, pleaded with them, asked for money, NOTHING. They would’ve eaten that shit up. I know them. I’ve been married over 20 years and have been paying attention, something he didn’t notice I was doing. Each time I cut up one of his socks that I found in the laundry it helped me. Each time I ripped up one of his shirts, it helped me. Each time I smashed something of his, it helped me. When he came with a list to court, I said I haven’t seen none of that shit. He took all his shit when he left, that’s all I know. Courts don’t entertain little things like clothes and shoes and personal items. At first I would’ve given to him but after he lied to his attorney and said I was giving his shit away and pawning stuff (he had nothing of value to pawn) that is when I started tearing his shit up. But I don’t recommend anyone who can’t hold water to do this. Because I will never confess, but again, I don’t feel guilty at all. For me, doing it outweighed not doing it. He hasn’t been honest so why would I think being honest is going to get through to him. I gave him honesty for 20 years, it did nothing for me. But smashing shit did be right.

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      • Holy shit! Hellz yes!! I know exactly what you are saying. I didnt want to do the drugs either. I have two kids who didnt need a zombie mom so I did what you are saying. LOL. … and you were good to him for 20 years and he did you dirty?… thats fucked up! Do you have children with him? Ever see him??


      • Yes we have children. I don’t see him. We have a “no contact” agreement that he initiated. Then of course they say you can’t talk to him through the children so it’s essentially no contact. i don’t have anything to say to him really. I said it all when I confronted him with the evidence. He left the next day then brought the police by twice to pick up stuff. I’ve glimpse him twice in court but that is all. He can die in a fire. There is nothing I need to say to him. I have no reason to see him. He is dead to me. When he stops dragging his feet and sign the settlement, there will be no reason to ever even run into me (or us, the children) because we are going to leave the area. He brought us here around his people. We didn’t (or do) know anyone. I’ve been reading other people’s stories and it sounds like a common theme that cheaters do. They uproot their family and that puts the one who has been cheated on off balance. Soon I get some money from the settlement, we are gone. He can drink his guilt away. No longer my problem.

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  2. “I say hoes like this seem to have a desperate need to be “seen” so give her a platform for the world to see.”… haha yup! Exactly what Im saying :)… sorry you are going through a similar situation tho – shit sucks!!

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  3. Hi H.E.A.,


    I fully understand that you want to spread the word and get some justice…..but….
    What you would do if you were giving in to those feelings…is lowering yourself to a standard where you do not want to be.

    It is tempting and I know…but the best revenge is not to give this person any attention. Do not honour her with your time and place your energy in you and your healing from your pain.

    The truth is that she is not worth it and your actions might backfire and you deserve better.

    Take care!

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  4. I didn’t even know this was a site!! Oh I’m going to have fun tonight. I have a few I can put up there myself. I’d do it … just because, why not? Karma will swing around and get her, though. I’d also put a call into the welfare office to let them know she’s selling her food stamps for drug money.

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    • lol – good luck on that site – some of the stories are like whoa :D….and the welfare office hasn’t done shit. here she is again, pregnant with her 6th kid, living off the state being a charity case. I understand and am all for someone needing assistance but dam – this whore has been on assistance for 17 years and apparently going H.A.M lol she is a joke!

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  5. Hey T! I agree with most here to let her own actions bring justice. I guess it comes down to how patient you feel on which path to take. Rise above the bullshit is my 2 cents…

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  6. Hey, T! It’s been a while since we chatted. I had no idea that was a thing — thanks for the knowledge.
    I think you have to weigh what’s best for you. I would simply tell you not to do something you would regret or feel bad about later. I know how tempting it is to let the world know what kind of women our husbands (and ex-husbands) violated our vows with but, once you completed this, would you be ready to bury the hatchet and move on? Never giving her the power to get you worked up again?….. -AE

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    • Hi!! 🙂 … ya, I know exactly what you are saying. I am not sure blasting her on the internet is going to do a whole lot for me at this point,maybe a nice lil chuckle but that’s about it. When I blasted her slutty face with a soda, that was more fulfilling then anything.

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  7. So tempting to put some men I know on this site. Bu the women are already well aware of the snake they keep in their bed so it wouldn’t serve any purpose.

    It was probably a good call not to put her up there. If she’s a true manipulator, she will revel in the fact that even after all this time- she can still make you squirm. I will forever be baffled by women who actually *want* someone else’s husband. As if they think that because they are all bright and shiny the man can somehow change and he won’t run a similar game on them.

    I admire your resilience. I’m sorry that you had to go through this. Ironic, coming from a very dirty mistress- I know. But I do mean it. I have been on the other side of the fence many, many times. I think it broke me at some point and I turned into some sort of devil who seeks to hunt and destroy these demons. To make them see how “just a good time” isn’t just a good time at all. It’s cruel. It’s heartless. It’s dark. And they need to learn their own damned motivations.

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    • ” I have been on the other side of the fence many, many times. I think it broke me at some point and I turned into some sort of devil who seeks to hunt and destroy these demons. To make them see how “just a good time” isn’t just a good time at all. It’s cruel. It’s heartless. It’s dark. And they need to learn their own damned motivations.”….as twisted as it sounds, I am afraid I may have turned into that devil as well… O_0

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  8. Having been cheated on and when I was 6 mth pregnant. I get it. But I think keeping your dignity and not sinking to her level is worth it. All you will do by putting her on there is make her think you think something of her. It will give her confidence and the green light to retaliate and cause you more grief

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