Bye Felicia!!

First off, I would like to apologize for my absence. The holidays were good but chaotic – per usual. Hope you all had happy holidays! As for all of us betrayed spouses who are trying to stay married after our hearts were ripped out…we made it through another year!!! Every day, every hour, every.single.minute counts!!


I don’t have a whole lot of time to write but I just wanted to update ya’ll…

So… when other woman were writing about the possibility of running into their husbands whore, I really didn’t give it a second thought…

buuuut… go figure..

I ran into the scuz!  PUKE! (Its been over a year since I last seen her and blasted a soda in her slut face)

We were actually parked right by eachother. (We both have different vehicles – hers being a hunk of junk (literally) so I didn’t know I was parked by her) and in all fairness, I am sure if she knew what I was driving now days she wouldnt have been parked next to me either.

..We were both walking to our vehicles at the same time…

Of course we noticed eachother. I think she literally shat herself when she realized it was me LOL

She looked at me and shook her head.

I smiled and said ” I see they still haven’t taken the trash out”

Honestly, she looked so miserable tho. I couldn’t help but hold my head high. Her life must be as pathetic as it always has been. (of course that is why she tried to steal mine). She looks like she has aged at least 10 years. Looking super scrubby and dressed in rags. I could almost pity the fool but she gets what she deserves.

As she pulled away – she flipped me off.

As for me… I didn’t feel any type of way. My heart didn’t even begin to race. Nothing. Wow… I might just be growing up or at least moving on afterall… response to the bird…

I blew her a kiss goodbye!!



15 thoughts on “Bye Felicia!!

  1. Very nicely handled. I knew I’d be seeing my husband’s OW at an event we went to on NYE…I had all these thoughts of what I’d say to her if I caught her trying to speak with him or if she came too close to me or him, LOL. It’s been a little over a year, but my heart raced and I wanted to set her on fire when she walked through the door.

    What my husband did, though, kind of made me feel a little peace and satisfaction. He’s not a PDA type of person at all. Not at all…but he was openly affectionate with me in front of the couple of hundred people that were there and he slow danced with me 🙂 I think her jaw dropped!

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  2. LOL! I will get another moment in time when I’ll see that wildebeest that my ex calls a gf. Hopefully it’s after she gives birth to that demon spawn they made together and after she’s packed on another 50lbs.

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  3. My ex is married to his whore, she is my kids step mom, so I see her 2 times a week. I don’t envy the randomness in which you see her. That has to make it difficult. We all deal with it in our own ways. Isn’t it funny how being a part of a lie and shame like that can take its toll on someone? My exs wife is 8 years younger than me and she looked it when it all started, now she looks older than me. Life has a way of working itself out. Good work!

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  4. I think sometimes that these “other women” try desperately to forget that we exist and are REAL PEOPLE who can feel pain. How else can they live with themselves? Bravo for reminding her that you are flesh and blood and bravo for not cowering away from the opportunity.

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    • Thank you!! I know exactly what you are saying. My husbands scuz bucket, was once my “friend”. She was at the hospital when I had my first born (the affair hadn’t taken place yet) then she also went to my ultrasound to find out the gender of my second child.(By then, she had spread her legs). Point being, she knew dam well I was as real as they came. She was just jealous of me – period. She has 5 or 6 kids, never got an education, live off the state – food stamps. Really – has nothing going for her. I really cant fault her for being envious of all I do have. She will never have what I have tho because in order to get where I have you have to work hard – something she knows nothing about.


  5. You are so brave for staying. God bless you.

    I started to but the OW in my case is pregnant. And I was still trying to work on my marriage until I learned she was pregnant with twins.

    I am so hurt by all of this and it’s so hard to NOT be petty. UGH!


    • Thank you. Sometimes I feel brave for trying to stay, other times I feel like a fool. I totally understand why you walked away tho. Before I had kids and 10+ years invested, cheating had always been a deal breaker, hands down but I no longer can only think about my needs or beliefs. If a baby would have been made during my husbands infidelities it would have been a wrap as well! I am sorry you have to go through that – cheating is bad enough much less your man having babies with the one he slept with – oh hell no ! Keep your head up!!


      • You are definitely not alone. I feel like there is some level of shame in staying, at least that is how loved ones treat the betrayed spouse, as if you are just supposed to throw away years of a life and throw the family into further unbalance. Such a cluster! Definitely couldn’t not accept the infidelity with pro-creation, the trauma of knowing you’ve been deceived is certainly bad enough on its own.

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