Flash Back

Hi-ho Hi-ho, back to high school I go…

HA. … or so it felt like anyways…

I went to my sons football game on Saturday and saw quite a few people that I attended high school with.

…10 years later….

Some were actually still together with the same person as they were dating when we were in school, which was actually pretty surprising. Most had gained quite a bit of weight (it happens). A couple females had too many babies without being financially or relationship stable. Even though I may not have liked some of them, I actually kinda felt sorry for them. Or I guess, more then that, I had to keep telling myself…who the hell are you to judge!?! . …

what can I say?!..

I was “queen bee” in high school. Still have maintained my appearance. Financially stable and married to the same man I dated in High School. Can’t say the relationship is stable (well, it kinda is now) but its kind of a joke as well. But point being is I haven’t changed much. (Not by the outward-appearance anyways)

With all this said… It made me feel some type a way – seeing lots of people from high school, from my past. Being looked at like I am somebody special.

Where the hell have I been???

I have forgotten who I was! Who I am!!!

So after the football game, out came the high school yearbooks.


And then I began over-thinking. (oh lawdy) LOL

I started questioning myself and where I am at in life. Who I am married to.

WTF am I doing!!??

Me, accepting a lying, conniving, cheating ass husband. !! ??


Who the eff is this female?  And what have you done with the almighty one 😛

“Will the real slim shady- please stand up” LOL


Wonder what others thought of me after not seeing me for 10 years??..

…watch out now..

looks sure are deceiving!


11 thoughts on “Flash Back

    • Its like … I still look like me but Who i am acting like now isnt the real me. The betrayal of my husband and a so called friend has changed me… im sure u know exactly what I am saying. Its like we got a double whammy.

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      • Yeah.. I think of that too.. would my 20 year old self be so disappointed.. Fuck.. but who I married doesn’t define me never did. The double whammy yeah completely get that. Still frustrates me that I was among such snakes!!
        But bright side is the fuckers didn’t take me with them..
        I mean let’s just say that barrel of rotten apples didn’t spoil either of us!
        Charles would probably joke that it’s because I’m doused in lemon juice that’s why I didn’t spoil!..
        Anyways I don’t know you only from what you post and you are a pretty tough chick and from this post you are rocking at life (well besides the whole cheater husband/ chic who never was your friend bit)

        And besides what do our young versions know about life anyway sure my 20 yr old self would be disappointed.. but that girl is kind of like the person who doesn’t have kids but knows how to parent.

        And i try to have patience for those kinds but it’s difficult.

        If your proud of who you are now that’s all that matters.

        And even if you were surrounded by shady bitches you didn’t change into one..

        And I know that’s something to hold your head high about..

        Guess who’s back.. Back again

        Love some Eminem 🙂
        ❤ NH


    • Yup. Exactly. And whats messed up is now, I am not as proud to be his wife – even if others have no clue – I am just not as proud with him by my side anymore because I know the truth..

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  1. It’s funny….. at the moment I realized I was now a member of “that club” the cheated on wives club…. I felt shame and felt like it had been branded on my forehead that I was now in ‘that statistic’ and I often felt like every person who now sees me knows about my husband’s affair & how embarrassed & ashamed I felt…..
    I too am no longer proud of our marriage…. and worse, feel like an idiot for ever bragging & being proud of how solid we were…. haha what a joke… yep, real solid.


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