Love is Blind

If you love someone, you cannot see faults in that person … pshh! Bullshit! Cough cough!

It’s not that I couldn’t or can’t see faults in my husband, its that I love him enough to look past them and accept him either way.


I try and reassure myself (some days are better then others) that we will figure things out because we love each other and true love is powerful so no matter what it is that we need to accomplish, it will be a battle won, as long as we are working together. No matter what it be, I love him and he loves me … that is enough to conquer the world!

My husband and I – seriously – we were ride or die. Like Bonnie and Clyde. LOL Cliche’

Unfortunately, I had his identity wrong.  I was his Bonnie and he was my Jekyll and Hyde. Pretty fucked up if you ask me.. but now that he has been identified.. and … I went to the Optometrist and took those -rose-colored glasses off and exchanged them for some stunna shades… we are a whole different duo. A force to be reckoned with! Team work makes the dream work baby! hehe

Dang tho, when did love become so much work??  Oh , thats right, when my husband decided to be a POS and fuck some trailer park Barbie. Don’t worry though, I’m not pointing the finger and blame shifting. True reconciliation means I am no longer playing the pity party and accepting my part as to why my husband stuck his dick in some blown out fish hole. LOL (yup couldn’t help myself) bahaha

But…point being..

I AM blinded by love. I don’t have to see my husband to know that he loves me, I feel it. And what I feel in my heart does not need eyes to see. It is undeniably – heartfelt. It may not be based on trust or honesty at this moment (but those will be rebuilt), so for now I accept it with hope and faith (and genuine remorse).

I continue to love him with all my heart and allow him to love me with all his. And that alone, makes this little heart happy!

“Love not with your eyes but with your mind, Obvious really because true love is blind!”


4 thoughts on “Love is Blind

  1. I’m new here. And learning a lot from others blogs. Can I ask you to tell me how you feel that you had a part in your husbands affair? I know that is part of the healing but I am having a hard time coming to terms with this. It sounds as tho you’ve accepted this and can wrap your head around it. I’d truly love to hear your thoughts on this.


    • Well I have realized that I wasn’t putting out and satisfying him sexually. Yes, we were still having sex but that is all it was, it wasn’t very full-filling. We had had our second child and of course, most my attention was being placed on my kids. He would have to ask to have sex with me instead of me showing him that I wanted to . I needed to show him more that I still wanted him, sexually, not just emotionally. we had/have a great relationship, just at times, was lacking a little sexually. Thankfully, my husband didn’t get feelings for my so called friend who came on to my man. Yes, he did have sex with her multiple times but he didn’t go out of his way to do it, it was when I wasn’t there to meet his needs and the whore she was, would grab his dick and spread her legs. That doesn’t give him an excuse at all, however, he was weak and fucked up. I know he is very satisfied now, and I am more now too, so the next time some whore comes on to him, I expect him to reject it and exit himself for the situation. I think he would do this now.. Or I sure hope so at least …

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    • Thank you! It has taken almost a full year since I found out about his affair, but I am finally starting to feel the love again. A huge part is due to my husband constantly comforting me and reassuring me how sorry he is and that he is madly in love with me and that he will never ever betray me/us again. I just hope I’m not a fool for love …


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