It Hurt Because It Mattered



Maybe I am numb.. ? ..

Maybe I just don’t give a shit… ?..

Although I don’t feel as though I have given up ..

Does my marriage, my husband, or “LOVE”  just not really matter all that much to me anymore?? …

Or does it not hurt anymore because I am healing???


One thought on “It Hurt Because It Mattered

  1. good questions, only you can figure those out. It’s probably a mix of everything. I went thru a numb stage & it was scary. I didn’t feel anything or care, but it came back. Sadly so does the hurt & sadness but at least we’re feeling which to me means we’re healing. We have to feel in order to heal. If you have to, get yourself worked up. Write a letter, listen to songs, look at pictures. Sure you’ll cry and get pissed, but you’ll be feeling again where you can continue on road to recovery. ♥

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