Be at Peace, Not in Pieces


I feel at peace with myself.

A peaceful easy feeling..

More “normal”. All this anger and sadness is really not who I am at all. I am not a confrontational person, more carefree and loving. More go-with-the-flow. Not so guarded and unsure.

Calm, kewl, and collected 😉

So, it feels good! Don’t really know why the change, but I will take it and I sure hope it stays!!


..Maybe its because the day has just began. LOL (ask me how I feel at 5) J/k

.. Maybe because it’s the beginning of a new month, which means further away from D-day! Sure that helps.  It will be nice when I can say my life was rocked a year ago, two years ago, three years ago ect… if my marriage makes it that long. And it will be even more nice to say my life was rocked that many years ago, but here we are… standing strong. Sounds pleasing, but not sure it is realistic. (deep breath)


..As for today..

It’s all Gee double Oh Dee … GOOD !! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Be at Peace, Not in Pieces

  1. I love the last quote. I’m at peace because my intentions are good and my heart is pure. Such a good reminder of keeping our focus on us. Our peace isn’t defined by what our husbands are doing. It comes from within. Hope your good day turns into many more good days.


  2. I swear now…I never did before. I also have a low tolerance for bull shit and have no problem telling people what I really think anymore. It’s a “don’t piss me off or I’ll punch you in the throat” kind of mind-set. It’s not who I am, rather it’s not who I was, but I refuse to put on a sunshiney demeanour just to placate the fake bitches who walk around with a pasted on smile and play nice just because it is socially acceptable. My husband’s affair has broken me, as much as I don’t want to admit that, I simply can’t be put back together again–at least not like I was before. So I totally get you!

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  3. Amen! Can’t WAIT to find peace. I’m at 7 months so hopefully I progress like you!!! I do ok for the most part, sure I think about it every damn day but not as intensely but I still have those days of constant questions bombarding my brain which then I bombard at her. I can’t wait for my brain to just say “it is what it is, accept that it happened & move the fuck on!”


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