My Give A Damn’s Busted

My husband was sick over the weekend. Not like, sore throat sick, puking profusely ill, like Blair-witch stat.

We all know that men can be BIG babies. When they catch a cold, they are on their death bed. LOL

When the man is sick, might as well give them a little bell to ring, for us wives are supposed to drop everything we are doing and  be at their becking call.


As for us moms though, even when we are sick, we don’t get the day off. It reminds me of the Dayquil commercial (I think its the Dayquil commercial) – where the mom walks into the child’s room and she says, sorry baby, mom is sick, she is taking the day off (from parenting). LOL we all know, moms don’t get a day off. OR at least this momma doesn’t.

Anyways, after throwing so much, my husband was weak so he just slept and slept and slept. I understood so I just left him alone. I did check on him, sporadically, but I didn’t want over do it and bug.

Well. apparently I wasn’t attentive enough. (Go effin figure)

He claims he had to fend for himself. Oh bleh. Man baby! I still checked on him, would bring him water (lots of water cuz he was dehydrated) and I asked him repeatedly if I could make him something to eat or if there was anything I could do. He would sternly say no, so yes, I would quickly exit myself from the room.

Point being, I did used to be that woman that “served” her man. Before affair, I would have sat in the room, rubbed his back, brushed my fingers through his hair, made him food (even if he would have just wasted it). Got him liquids. I would have sat in the room and just been miserable with him, (we all know misery loves company). I would have pretty much done anything for him just because I loved him. (Love  him – I don’t know if I should put that past tense or what).

However, I am NOT that woman anymore.

I am not gonna beg my husband to let me take care of him.

When he says “no” he doesn’t want anything to eat, cool beans bud. One less meal I have to prepare.

And if he is going to act like a dickhead, whether he feels good or not, trust, I won’t be so persistent to help him.

He should have cherished me more. Now, he is going to have to learn to appreciate the new me, the one HE created.

Of course, it sucks to be sick. And  of course I want him to feel better.

I am his wife.

I am not his servant.

I am not his mother. If he wants to be taking care of like a child, go back to mommas house and suck on her nipples. :O


One thought on “My Give A Damn’s Busted

  1. I remember reading a statement shortly after my husbands affair as to whether this one wife would “take a bullet for her husband” after he cheated on her and she said no. My instant thought was exactly the same. Once upon a time I would have done anything for him. Now… Meh.. Nope . You get what you deserve. “


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