1,2, 10

I wonder..

Would it be easier for me to forgive his infidelity, if my husband would have had a one night stand or a one time mistake?..

Although he would have still broke our vows, people are only human, and people do make mistakes.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t make a one time mistake, he had an affair!…He chose over and over to fuck some trailer park barbie and her dumpy chub .. a handful of times. Yes, my husband claims he fucked the whore 3 times by herself then twice with the scuz buckets together.

5 fucking times of CHOSING to say fuck my wife and forget our happy, family life. Not to mention, the cyber fucking that went on in between. The scabs album of loopy tits and blown out vagina that she felt entitled to send to MY husband. Oh, and her c-budget (at best) porn video. And to think that anyone could get their nut off to such tasteless fucking filth is beyond me! Cuz trust me, it was no award winning performance.

I read other blogs, constantly. I dont know if its just that misery loves company or if it genuinely helps me, knowing that other people are going through the emotional hell of a significant others betrayal and possibly having reassurance that others really do get through the devastation and remain married, or that it is just too much to handle and they get divorced. Either way…

Some of the other blogs about their husbands betrayals (or wives), how it went on for 3, 5, 10, 20 years and how the person even fell “in love” … I just can’t even fathom going through that and then trying to have forgiveness and even possibly reconciling. Holy Whah!!

I read those blogs and the amount of hurt is terribly painful to even read. Then I tell myself – see T – you really don’t have it that bad.. what is wrong with you? Your relationship is hopeful, try, try harder to forgive! Things could be so much worse…


I just don’t get how someone can say how sorry they are, how they didn’t mean to hurt you, how they “love” you, how they are in love with you, how it was just sex, a horrible mistake… and blah blah blah…yet they CHOSE for it to go on for so long. They chose to do it over and over again. Looking at their significant other, knowing the horrible, hurtful choices they were choosing. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal. Knowing, if their loved one was behaving the same way, they sure in the hell wouldn’t like it. Like, what gives them the right to fuck with someones life like that?? That someone who they vowed to protect, yet they were continuously stabbing them in the back.


I voice that to my husband…that if it would have been the other way around, that if it would have been me fucking his “friend” or having “threesomes”, running “trains” or whatever, that he wouldn’t even think twice about giving me a second chance. He would be so hateful! He doesn’t deny this…so why then? Why didn’t he think about the pain he was inflicting and how he wouldn’t want me to be doing that shit to him. Why didn’t he care enough to not hurt me so badly?? Or how come he didn’t stop after fucking up the first time?! He definitely wouldn’t want me to hurt him like that.


Whatever your situation be, I do not judge any of you! Whether you are trying to stay married or get divorced, that is all a personal decision and more power to ya.

Shoot, I know other people would run, fast, and far away from my marriage. And yet, look, here I am being the chump, trying to work it out.

Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal. That shit hurts!!

How ever many times you betrayed your loved one just adds to the confirmation of your lack of integrity, loyalty, and who you are as a person period.

Basically, to me, the length of deception equals how much more of a piece of shit you are! .. Just saying ..

Cheaters fucking suck!


3 thoughts on “1,2, 10

  1. I am folowing you but I swear I haven’t seen your posts!
    This is so true.
    I mean for 2+ years he chose to keep his secret hidden.
    Ick Yeah numerous times to count KB is lying to Bob saying it’s only a handful of times.
    Good grief I super hate when going back there makes me hate him.
    Because wow at times I think what the fuck am I doing???
    He is so slimy and yet I am almost at a year and I feel guilty I am still harboring the pain/hate.
    To have a man kiss her then me and not think about it.. Good grief
    Soulless bastard and yet he is up there playing music in a worship band so maybe he does have a soul?

    Anyways yeah the longer an affair most definitely pisses me off for sure.

    Maybe I don’t hate him so much as I hate being robbed, cheated, swindled as I, this marriage meant nothing to even think about..

    Today he can fuck off.


    • .. A year into it and still harboring the pain/hate … Oh how I feel you. like why the heck can’t I just move on from it? I can’t change that my husband fucked trailer trash and Yet I am apparently not going anywhere ( at the moment) so why is it so effin hard to accept. Accept that he did what he did, it’s done, and atleast he isn’t doing it now. And like I said, a one or two time fuck up, still shitty, but damn, years of betrayal .. Wtf!!! ?? -And It makes it that much more worse that it was our “friends” they were fucking. I mean, we went around those whores as our men and them would look at each other, knowing their lil secret as we were completely oblivious! Oh man … so u asked how I was doing … I have the flu and feel like ass. Since I don’t feel good tonight – my husband can fuck off too 😋

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      • Oh dear I wish you well.. I’ve had a terrible headache on and off!..and I so get you about the husband fucking off.. yeah that secret upset me.. I suppose the unshared feelings why does he keep things from me yet share the mundane with her? Now he wants to share with me and I really don’t care..


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