Happy – Go – Lucky

Ok – so … Christmas sure was exceptionally nice!!

“Exceptionally” – I don’t know why I say that because in all actuality, my holidays are generally good.

I don’t need to have a faithful husband, shoot, I don’t need to have a husband at all to enjoy life. Specially when it comes to having fun with my kids… it comes natural to smile with them. My kids are one of my main source of happiness.

Yes, of course, my husband was a source of happiness to me as well. And I guess he still is in a way, however, I can see clearly now the rain is gone 😛

As I am forced to analyze our relationship, I totally get that I combined our feelings. I thought they went hand-in-hand. When he was sad, I felt kinda sad. When he was happy – it made my heart happy.  I recognize now, my happiness, really has nothing to do with him. Momentarily – yes.  Infinitively –  not what so fucking ever.

Its all me baby!

I know I will be happy with or without him or any man, no matter what situation I am dealt with because I always make the best out of whatever I have. That’s why people are always jealous of me or knocking me off – because even if what I have really isn’t anything special, I make it THE SHIT!!!

Like a boss 😉


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