Just Beat It :P

Honestly, what is it with men and porn??

Ok, so a man has a higher sex drive then -most- woman. But why is it then, no matter how much we please the man, he can literally just get his nut off and yet, when we leave the house, he is so quick to beat the meat?.OR if we don’t put out for one day, there they are wackin the willy to some c-budget slut face.

I’m not against porn. I will even watch it sometimes. And actually, I accept that ALL men watch it and jack off but there has got to be a limit! Specially beings as its not even like watching full blown, acted out, unrealistic porn anymore. The guys go to xvid online and watch amateur people just fucking on video.  I find it to be a bit different and more bothering to me then an all out porn movie because its basically watching your friends or “the girl next door” fuck and then, you get off by watching them get it on. Its too real now days instead of fantasy.

And beings as porn has become so realistic, it sure in the hell doesn’t make us woman feel secure. I mean seriously., it is human nature to check out others. However, just cuz I can determine if a man is sexy or even if a woman is for that matter, I am not like .. “Oh my goodness gracious, let me go tickle it out to that one “… lol.

I know, I know. If any man is reading this – your saying to yourself..”its not like we REALLY want to fuck that person. Its just a quick fix.” But to us woman – it is a simple form of cheating – in a sense. You are still getting your nut off to something other then your woman – your significant other. Therefore, as a woman, it makes us feel a little insecure in one way or another.

In my case, now that my husband had an affair on me with a male and female (if that is what you want to call the scabs) – I am so not down with him searching for two men double penetrating some whore, where as before the affair, I could have cared less what he was looking at to beat it to. I know he is going to occasionally watch porn, that is inevitable, but I do expect him not to be doing it all the time beings as we are very sexually active, and I will so not tolerate him getting his nut off to watching two men and a female. Just boils my blood since he has done what he did. Not to mention, if he is searching that shit to watch and nut to, does that mean he is wanting groupie luv again?? Oh hell no..

I have had the “porn” talk with my husband. Occasionally – ok. And no men on men. (Stupid I have to specify that but apparently I have to make myself more clear at what my sexual preferences are and what I will or will not accept.) Even if man on man may be his thing (which he swears its not) .. it definitely is not something I will be inviting into the bedroom with me or us, so if it is his thing – I will gladly exit myself from the equation.

Men – for your woman – keep your porn habit to an occasional fantasy, not a realistic obsession!


One thought on “Just Beat It :P

  1. going through a separation with my husband who has a porn addiction and has been unfaithful.
    i couldnt agree with you more.
    it CAN be “normal”. it CAN be every so often. but when it bleeds over into every day, multiple times a day, it is a problem.
    I have this love hate relationship with blogs i stumble upon regarding infidelity.
    its one of the worst clubs ever. but im glad im not alone in it. 😦


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