Mind / Matter


Sick and tired of being sick and tired..

Too much anger.

All this sadness.

This pain … hurts!!

I hate the way I am treating my husband (although he deserves it). It makes me sad to force such hate towards him. And to say such hurtful things to him. I love him but I hate him for what he has done. Yet, I feel so wrong being so mean.

I cant stand the change that is taking over my every thought and my daily moves.


I will no longer allow this destructive bitterness to be apart of my life anymore!!!

God I hope I am strong enough to push away the nasty thoughts and unbearable pain that are taking over my life…

I know I will have triggers or what not, but when they do occur, I wanna just “give them the bird” and move on. I have to stop reacting to it all in a negative way.

It’s getting the best of me and fuck that!

One day at a time…

I got this.


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