I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter

…but don’t get it twisted…

I can be a lover, a hater, a fighter, a player (but that just aint my style). I’m a down ass bitch with a pretty lil smile 😉

You should never underestimate a small town girl, living in a lonely world. HA. A women with a broken heart is not to be taken as a joke. And I am so not the type of female to sit back and just take it. Hell nah! You wanna dare to step into my kitchen, best be able to handle the heat! Fucking with my husband, my family, my life… trust me… someone better pray for you!!


Unlike a lot of you betrayed wives…I am the one who did confront the whore who was a fake ass friend to my face while she was fucking my husband behind my back. When I first found the message asking my husband if he wanted to fuck, I drove to her home and confronted the slut like a real woman does – face to face. I put the fear of death in her. I didn’t know the whole truth then though, otherwise there would have been no threatening, I would have just kicked her fucking face in. Then, a couple weeks later, my husband sat me down and told me how long and what had been really going on. Sure as shit, a couple weeks after that, I was driving home from work and the scab pulls up next to me. Our windows were both down so I made sure to give her a piece of my mind. Then, I took a big gulp soda and I threw it out my window and I blasted her directly in the face with it. The soda exploded all over her. That pitiful, home-wrecking bitch was about to cry. PRICELESS!!!

My heart was broken. My pride and dignity was stomped on. I had been chewed up and spit out by someone who I would have gave my own life for and by a dirty, double – penetrated, worthless skank.. Karma is a bitch, but this bitch is ruthless! And although, I knew I was breaking the law when I threw that soda, there was no stopping me at that point, I was gonna hurt that filthy whore!


And of course, even though she knew she deserved it and had it coming… being the weak, low life that she is –  she called the cops on me. I did get charged with assault and battery. I went to court, had to pay a $400 dollar fine and I had to do community service for 8 hours.

Did I learn my lesson? .. Nah – I would do it again! That was just one expensive soda LOL.

I have no remorse and I am definitely not sorry!



7 thoughts on “I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter

  1. I cannot imagine how satisfying that must have felt! I haven’t confronted the OW, though I have to see her every now and again at work. In some ways, I want to just LAY IN TO HER and call her every name in the book.


    • .,.felt fab! 😀 .. if I had to see her again (which chances are I will cuz she lives a few blocks from me) .. I truly think she will run LOL .. as for you, shoot, I would def. let that skank know whats up. You don’t have to do it recklessly, like how I would, kill that bitch with catty kindness. Just my opinion tho…


  2. I have dreamt of seriously beating the shit out of the whore that fucked my husband. I was tempted to drive through about 4 states and find her skanky ass. My husband has seen me kick a 6’4″ guy in the chest so what made him think that I wouldn’t go ape shit when I found out about his affair?!??! I bet throwing that at her felt amazing!! I’m jealous 😊

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    • haha – let me tell you! – I don’t regret it what so ever! Actually, when I had to see the judge, the judge even understood why I did what I did, but she still fined me because obvi I broke the law and she said because I did it to the slut in front of her kids. Oh boo effin hoo! I told the judge, she tried to destroy my family, I could care less about hers.

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