Keep it 100


Have you ever just sat there and listened to someone who is absolutely full of shit? You know that what they are saying is fabricated and far fetched or just an all out made up lie and yet, you just sit there, pretending to listen, but uncontrollably thinking … BULLSHIT! (cough cough)

Liars have diarrhea of the mouth LOL.

Truth be told, lies big or small, are still lies. For every good reason to lie, there is an even better reason to tell the truth. Yes, truth hurts but lies hurt worse. And for the person telling the lies, what? Are you such a coward that YOU can’t handle the truth!?

I take pride in honesty. Sometimes I am bluntly honest so I could probably work on the presence of how I drop the bomb, but at least the truth will always come out of my mouth. Yes, there are certain circumstances where I must “fib” and I use “fib’ cautiously because a fib is a form of a lie, so to say. But, when my kids want to know how babies are made, I obviously beat around the bush a little. That would be a “fib” and appropriately so.

Now that I know my husband can be such a liar, I have a hard time giving him my undivided attention when he is just generally speaking or even if he is speaking from the heart. That attention where with out a doubt I am “all ears” and 100% into the conversation because its real, sincere, and I feel what he is saying because it’s genuine. HA,  ya right! I actually find myself rolling my eyes at times. It’s fucked up too. When he spoke, it usually meant something or to me it did anyways. I loved to listen to him because I used to believe most everything he said. Obviously, when I was questioning the affair and there were apparent signs, that’s how he convinced me he wasn’t doing what I was accusing him of, because he knew I believed him. He had never been a liar before and actually, he always said he despised thieves and liars so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and believed he was better then that and that our relationship meant more and was stonger. Should have trusted my instincts, intuition doesn’t lie!

And I’m not Rihanna, I don’t love the way you lie!

Once you have established yourself as a liar, it’s near impossible for people to believe any words coming out of your mouth. Your words no longer have any value. Everyone knows of the story of the boy who cried wolf..

Say what you mean and mean what you say!

At times, I think a liar lies so much, they even believe their own stupidity.


The truth doesn’t cost anything, but a lie can cost you everything!!

Don’t lie, cheat, beg, or steal… have some fucking pride!!

Keep it real!!!!


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