Today is the first day of the rest of my life..

Today is day one. The first day of my blog, where I can unleash the beast! ūüėõ

It is important to share my reason for being here..

I could go on and on with our love story but in order to sum many years up and get to the main point of this blog (my husbands affair and how I am dealing with it) .. I am gonna do my best to make a long story short..

I have been married for 8 years and have been with my¬†husband for 11-12 years. We were both pretty young when we hooked up, about 19 years old. I am now 30 and so is my husband. The beginning of our relationship was¬†wild and crazy. We were young dumb and full of cum¬†ūüėõ A couple years into it (I had just turned 21) and¬†I became pregnant with our first child – our¬†handsome little boy¬†who is absolutely freakin amazing!! (Seriously though).¬†We got married in August of 2006 and I delivered our baby boy in December of 2006. We bought our first home in 2007. The next couple years were spent building a strong foundation to our home and enjoying our new little family. By 2010, we had started going out more and partying with a specific couple quite often. We shall call the two Crusty and Scuz. Crusty was my husbands gamer friend so while they gamed, I would drink with Scuz. I was warned not to trust the bish though, but of course I had to learn the hard way. Big mistake! After hanging with those two it became quite apparent that Scuz was an unfaithful attention whore. She would constantly take her shirt off and¬†be hanging her boobs out, didn’t matter where she was. Her boyfriend actually even encouraged it. I didn’t really think that much of it at first¬†though because she has 5 kids and her boobs are saggy, lop-sided¬†and grose, not much to look at so no reason to get insecure. After a while though, she got way sloppy. She came to one of our house parties without Crusty and sucked a couple of my husband friends off. She then needed a ride home and I was ready for her to go. My husband always put her down talking about what a whore she was and how her loopy titties did nothing for him so when he was going to give her a ride, I really didnt think much of it. Besides I thought I could trust my husband. When he returned, I couldn’t help but ask if she had sucked his dick but of course he said hell no. We then had sex and moved on. The beginning of 2011, I found out I was pregnant with our second child and unfortunately, my husband found out he had cancer. Let’s just say 2011 was a bit rough for both my husband and I. And Scuz was pregnant in 2011 (not with my husbands child – oh thank god!) – so we didn’t hang out at all because honestly, that is the only time we all hung out together anyways was when we were getting faded. Then 2012 came. I thought things in life were finally getting back to “normal – no more pregnancy hormones and my husbands cancer was in remission. Unfortunately, we started hanging out with the trailer trash again and things got weird real quick. Crusty and Scuz were constantly asking/ begging to watch me and my husband have sex. I just wasn’t into it – not my thang. Really I didn’t even want to hang with them at all but my husband did. I would ask¬†my husband¬†if he wanted her and he would always reassure me that there was no way he would get with such slop¬†however, there were little signs that I could not ignore but when confronted, he always had a way to talk me out of my feelings. There would be times when I would be ready to leave Scuz and Crusty’s stinky trailer and my husband would refuse so I would just leave him there – what was I thinking!?¬†By¬†the end of ¬†summer 2012 – I refused to hang with them what so ever. Shit had just gotten so weird. In November, I had to go to AZ to meet with some family,¬†my husband¬†stayed home but he swore on his kids that he wouldn’t go to their trailer – I had made it very clear by then¬†that I didn’t trust Crusty or Scuz. By 2013, Scuz was no longer a part of my life. I had distanced myself from her completely. My husband¬†and Crusty still gamed together online so they still had some communication but he was no longer forcing the situation for us to go over to their trailer and drink. I had several conversations with my husband making him very aware that I didn’t believe that he hadn’t fucked around on me with them but if he would just be honest there would be no repercussions – he almost admitted but never did. With no physical proof I eventually let up on the subject. Summer 2014 came around and my husband and I had gone out. We weren’t getting along so great so when we got home I just went to bed. When I woke up his phone was next to me and there it was¬† – a message from Scuz asking my husband if he wanted to fuck. My heart dropped!! I woke my husband up with shit flying at his head. LOL The next few months were an undefeated war. Every time I questioned anything through out the years- I was so right! And yes, he was having three-somes with Crusty and her. I fuckin knew it!! I mean I never thought my husband liked men but when shit got weird with all of them, I definitely¬†wasn’t putting it past him.¬†In 2010, she came on to him and of course, he was a sucker. The full blown affair then took place in 2012. And yes, he fucked both of them in November, when I went to AZ, even after swearing on his kids that he wouldn’t go over to their dirty ass trailer. And let’s not forget to mention, their five kids were crammed in a tiny room as they were all doing their nasty things.¬†WINNING! And to think.. those disgusting people would constantly be trying to convince my husband to get me to join after they finally got him to¬†be apart of their filthy ways¬†.. yuck!! Fowl play! LOL! Sick twisted fucks right!?

My husband has apologized numerous times, infinity will pry never be enough. I wouldn’t be trying to rebuild our marriage if he didn’t show some sort of¬†remorse though.¬†I still just don’t know. Not sure what I am expecting out of our so called marriage anymore. We really did have such a good life together and, those aren’t just my words, those are others words and my husbands as well. My husband claims he just fucked up, that it was a bad time in his life. Oh bleh.

Now…¬†here I am ….



6 thoughts on “Today is the first day of the rest of my life..

  1. Goodness, infidelity comes in all forms and no matter what, it sucks! So sorry you’re here. I had to comment on the “it was a bad time in his life”… yea I know. I agree things can def go wrong in life, my parnter became someone she didn’t even know. She was lost, confused, in a dark place, depressed and that just made her mind go fucking nuts. She believed she didnt’ love me anymore & that some whore that was showing her attention was a better option at that point. Are you fucking kidding me? After 11 years of support, raising my son, our 7 rescues, buying a house, holding down good jobs, and doing everything together… some 2 bit nasty whore that had no future & no goals was a better option?? She still can’t believe she even was interested. It was all about the attention, she made her feel good about herself when I wasn’t making her happy. How is an affair the answer?? It isn’t and she knows this but hopefully we’ll all come out of this stronger & happy no matter where we end up.


  2. Wow…he wanted to bang saggy tits over his wife who doesn’t have saggy tits? I don’t get it. I’ve heard about affairs where the other woman is less attractive, but the way you put it makes it seem she is quite the cum dumpster. Kinda strange he didn’t tell you he has a thing for dudes too. Would you have thought differently of him if he told you he swung both ways? On to the next entry. ūüôā

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    • ya – I mean the whore can look alright with make-up on but to wake up to her would be a nightmare. And yes, I would have never ever even have thought twice about being with my husband if he was attracted to men in any type of way. I have nothing against ppl who are gay, just not my thang. However, he claims he never touched the other guy, that they ran a train on the whore – she sucked one of their dicks while the other penetrated her blown out hole – yes quite the cum dumpster ūüôā My husband says a lot of men get down like that, you think? I don’t know, he says they just fucked her and treated her like a whore that she is. That no man has respect for a woman who gets down like that. But still… puke!

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